Imperial Grand Champion 

 Ragadee Lilac Dreamgirl 

Ragadee Lilac Dreamgirl is one of the very first Chocolate Series Ragdolls born in the UK and to be officially recognised by GCCF. Our journey started with a small group of Breeder friends of mine all longing to breed this long lost colour, dna testing our existing breeding Queens and Studs for the Chocolate gene. At that time testing was not available in the UK so we had to send our samples to Animal dna in Australia. On receiving the results I was thrilled to find that I had two Queens that carried the gene. My friend had just imported a gorgeous stud boy from New Zealand, Champion Kiwimagic Starlight Symphony and she allowed me to mate one of my Chocolate carrying Queens Ragadee Tia Maria with him. The mating was successful and produced a fabulous litter of 5 kittens three of them being visual for the chocolate gene, I was ecstatic, I had a Lilac boy, Lilac girl and a Chocolate girl. All my dreams had come true........ 


When they were old enough they entered the Show scene. At first it was a really difficult, the Ragdoll Judges were a very confused they had never seen Lilac or Chocolate Ragdolls before and were a bit unsure what to look for. Eventually they accepted them and we started to move through the Titles. I am pleased to say that we now have from the same litter GrCh Ragadee Lilac Dreamboat, Ch Ragadee Chocolate Delight and the star of the show ImpGrCh Ragadee Lilac Dreamgirl, the first ever GCCF Registered Lilac Ragdoll to be awarded this title.

Denise, Ragadee Ragdolls